A Unique Way to Experience Los Angeles

Piers Cirish December 18, 2016 Comments Off on A Unique Way to Experience Los Angeles
A Unique Way to Experience Los Angeles

The jewel of California, Los Angeles is the city that has it all, with gorgeous sun kissed beaches and breath taking natural landscapes, making it a popular holiday destination. Many people like to spend the winter here, as temperatures are a little warmer than in New York or Washington, and if you would like to spend some time exploring this amazing city, a self-driving holiday is by far the best way to enjoy the experience.

The Right Vehicle

In order to get the most out of the experience, you will need a modern RV, which can comfortably sleep four adults, and with all the mod cons you would expect, you will be comfortable throughout the holiday. If, for example, you wanted to rent an RV in Los Angeles, there are reputable companies online and booking couldn’t be easier. Today’s modern campervan is fully equipped with everything a family could need, with a fully functional kitchen, and a level of luxury one wouldn’t normally associate with a vehicle.

Stunning Beaches

The Pacific coast has some of the best beaches in the world, and there are many campsites along the route, enabling you to spend as much time as you wish in any particular place. Manhattan Beach is ideal if you prefer a quieter secluded area, and with many fine restaurants, dining out is a pleasure. You can always self-cater, which is not only cheaper, it allows you the flexibility to eat when it suits you. The famous Venice Beach is a trendy place to hang out, and if you are into healthy food, you will love the range of vegetarian dishes on offer.

The Santa Monica Mountains

After a few days lazing on the beach, you might like to explore the rugged scenery of Runyon Canyon, which is set in a 130 acre park. Don’t be surprised if you see a few movie stars out jogging, as this area is a popular place for morning exercise and yoga.

Theme Parks

We all love the thrill of the fairground, and there are a few theme parks north of the city where you can experience the adrenalin rush of the rides. There’s so much to do here, it is recommended to stay a few days, and with a choice of campsites, you can always find a spot with a stunning view. There are miles of secluded coves along the coastline, which is great if you’d like to really get away from it all, and with all the amenities at hand, you will want for nothing.

Shopping Excursions

If you park up in the city, there are many shopping malls where you can spend the day buying souvenirs for family and friends, and there are also local markets where you can pick up some real bargains. Parking is never a problem, and if you get tired of the city, drive down the 101 and enjoy the many local attractions along the way.

A self-driving holiday is the ideal way to experience LA, and with the Pacific Highway running along the coast, you will always have a nice place to rest and relax.

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