Microsoft Cortana for BMW and Nissan

Piers Cirish March 24, 2017 Comments Off on Microsoft Cortana for BMW and Nissan
Microsoft Cortana for BMW and Nissan

Collaboration among carmakers and other big companies is no longer strange. Microsoft, BMW and Nissan are the latest to announce their plans to integrate Microsoft’s digital assistant known as Cortana into their future plans.


These plans were announced during a press conference at the Consumer Electrics Show (CES) which was held recently in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cortana is Microsoft’s smart assistant, similar to other AI (artificial intelligence) platforms such as Siri and Google Assistant as a voice assistant system.  It will, within certain limits, understand and interpret voice commands from those inside the car.

Voice Commands

As new functions are introduced to the way autonomous vehicles operate, Cortana and similar systems are the next logical step in maximising technological knowledge since many people are already familiar with Cortana in other spheres of their life. Cortana will be very useful in cars since its voice command operated system will help drivers and passengers enjoy the ultimate in-car experience.  According to BMW, Cortana will be accessed through a dashboard screen that will assist drivers and passengers to receive reminders and news and allow a host of other functions and options.

Needs of Drivers and Passengers

The smart assistant from Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle Platform – which uses not only Cortana, but also Azure and Office 365 – will be introduced in cars such as Nissan and BMW, and, probably soon in others, to adapt the cars’ features to suit preferences and needs of drivers and passengers. Cortana’s AI will allow it to understand various questions and commands; it may actually be able to suggest shortcuts to destinations, for instance – and even allow new maps to be downloaded at night as you’re tucked away in your bed. During a demonstration Cortana even asked at some point, ‘’Shall I engage auto park?’’ just to prove that it understands situations and will be able to analyse some of them.


Microsoft explains that some great benefits are to be enjoyed by car owners and drivers in terms of features such as predictive maintenance, advanced navigation and monitoring various features remotely. Microsoft’s cloud will further collect data from connected vehicles to help car manufacturers in various ways to build their autonomous cars.

Microsoft, according to Peggy Johnson, business development executive, will not build its own car.  Instead Microsoft is using its cloud platform to help manufacturers perform various functions in terms of building their vehicles. Microsoft is interested only to “ automakers create connected car solutions that seamlessly fit with their brands.”

Car valuations experts and car buying service report that innovative tech integrated into vehicles has a huge impact on vehicle desirability in the used market as well as for new vehicles. It’s useful to remember this when you’re purchasing your next vehicle as cutting edge tech can help to maintain future vehicle value.


The future is no longer some place far off – it’s here. And Microsoft, although not planning to build vehicles, may be instrumental in helping to create important platforms for developing autonomous capabilities in cars very soon.

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